The Boatyard

BluePearl Yachts, Ltd. has chosen the US company of Tartan Yachts to build the BluePearl 114. Tartan has mastered the infused BPA epoxy hull. The BluePearl Yachts design team will supervise every aspect of the design and build process. We are proud to link up with a company that has superior hull technology, state of the art carbon technology and has consistently been able to produce lines of sailing vessels that are award winning, safe, reliable and extraordinarily well built.

Merritt Woodwork will outfit the spacious interior with resplendent woods of several kinds. Merritt is just 30 minutes from the Tartan facility. Merritt's recent yacht finishes include CakeWalk, the largest motor yacht built in the U.S.

Throughout the 49-year history of Tartan Yachts, from the time that Olin Stephens designed the first Tartan sailboat, the resourceful designers, engineers and boat builders of Tartan have continually established new standards of performance, quality and craftsmanship. Tartan has excelled at and mastered the epoxy resin hull and is one of a few in the world to build hulls of such strength. Tartan also produces some of the finest carbon components in the world. Tartanís usual boat finish will be that for the standard crews quarters while the main ship will be exquisite furniture like finishes using African mahogany, South American teak and bamboo flooring.

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