About the Designer

In 1974 after spending several years in apprenticeship and design positions in other design offices Robert Perry opened his own yacht design office on Shilshole Bay in Seattle. The body of work produced since then has established the Perry office as one of the leaders in performance oriented cruising yachts.

In fact Bob is generally credited with starting the "performance cruising" movement that introduced the concept of sailing speed to offshore cruising yachts. Now we introduce the Blue Pearl a yacht designed by Perry in conjunction with Gregory Hummer.

The office has been involved with custom designs including the 70’ ULDB MERIDIAN, the 69’ FOXTROT, the 63’ ILLUSION, The 55.5’IMS STEALTH CHICKEN, the 52’ PACHENA, the 42’ cold moulded NIGHT RUNNER, the 48’ CAPAZ Ketch and numerous other custom projects. Most recently the custom 59’er STARBUCK, the 60’er WHITE EAGLE and the 50’ aluminium YONI were launched.

Bob studied engineering at Seattle University and went on to teach at Evergreen State College as a professor of yacht design. Today, Robert Perry Yacht Designers regularly accepts interns from the University of Southampton, the Landing School, and others.

In 1979, Yacht Racing/Cruising Magazine awarded Bob its Medal of Achievement for Performance Cruising Design.

In 1989 CRUISING WORLD magazine established the CRUISING HALL OF FAME named 15 sailing professionals who "have made a difference to cruising sailors everywhere". Bob Perry was one of the first 15 inductees into this auspicious HALL of FAME group.

In 1995 The Perry designed VALIANT 40, named to the American Boatbuilders Hall of Fame during SAIL EXPO at Atlantic City. The Valiant 40/4 2 has been in continuous production longer than any other series built cruising boat in the US.

For the past 22 years Bob has been the TECHNICAL EDITOR of the internationally distributed SAILING magazine published in Port Washington, Wisconsin. Each month four designs are critically reviewed in the magazines. These reviews have been collected into four books titled SAILING DESIGNS volumes 1 through 4. This is the most complete collection of design reviews in the industry and is an internationally recognized source of design information and standards.

Current projects include a wide variety of custom yachts including a 60’ carbon fibre trimaran, a 59’ light displacement sloop, a 50’ aluminium cruising yacht, a 60’ aluminium cutter, 2 60’ GRP sloops and a 56’ fast cruising sloop in GRP. Perry designs account for approximately 5,000 boats on the water and are recognized as the epitome of offshore cruising yachts. There are more Tayana 37’s cruising offshore than an other single design according to George Day, the Editor of BLUE WATER CRUISING.

In 2007 the design team realized that there was a pressing need to design a fast safe, sleek and very comfortable cruising yacht. This yacht had to have the lines of the fast Clipper Ships, be low to the water and sail at least 12 knots in a minimum of 14 knots of wind. The yacht construction would be state of the art with carbon fiber spars and would have the very latest engineering and machinery. In keeping with the Perry tradition…the interior space would take advantage of every square inch of space and be resplendent with Teak and Mahogoney cabinety and furniture.

Thus, the BluePearl 114 was born at the request of Dr. Gregory Hummer.

Series built designs produced include:
  • CT54, CT56 CT48 and CT65
  • Tayana 37, 48 and 52
  • Valiant 32, 40, 42, 47, 50
  • ESPIRIT 37
  • Nordic 44, 46RS. 40, 34
  • Norseman 447
  • Lafitte 44 and 66
  • Cheoy Lee 35, 44, 48, 42LRMS
  • Islander 26, 28, 34, 32
  • Freeport 36
  • Baba 30, 35 and 40
  • Tashiba 31, 36 and 40
  • Passport 37, 40, 41, 44, 47, 50
  • Tatoosh 42, 51
  • Saga 48, 43, 35
  • Mirage 27, 30, 32, 35