The Team

Robert Perry - Designer
The team that will create this magnificent vessel is headed by the renowned Robert Perry. Bob has more boats sailing the oceans than any other designer in the world. Bob will be onsite a good deal of time.

Gregory Hummer - Co-Designer
Gregory Hummer, MD has sailed all of his life and logged over 30,000 miles sailing the world's oceans. He has sailed on and reviewed many of the world's biggest sailing yachts. The Blue Pearl design is a result of years at sea and his experience with yacht systems, repair and maintenance.

Ivan Erdevicki - Designer
Founder Ivan Erdevicki started his career as a designer and engineer working for some of the world’s most respected American custom yacht yards and design offices. His first personal designs attracted attention with their unique styling, reliability and performance. His talent and studies in naval architecture, mechanical engineering and yacht design, hands on experience in yacht construction and rich boating experience on variety of vessels, created a designer with uncommon combination of art and engineering.

In the past 10 years, more than 85 boats were built to Ivan’s designs raging from custom tenders and work boats, racing sailing boats to mega sailing yachts and motor yachts. The goal was always to meet client’s expectations and visions through creation of truly artistic, beautiful and elegant sailboat and powerboat designs of the highest quality, supported with uncompromised engineering in every detail.

Nowadays, Erdevicki signature is synonymous with unique, high quality elegant designs.

Paul Lincoln - Of the Lincoln Electric family is Chief of Operations
An owner, will also be involved on a daily basis.

Spike Millikin - Project Engineer
Has been Systems Engineer on project now for 1 year. He is part of the design team with Robert Perry. He will be onsite for practical placement and installation of all mechanical and electrical equipment.

Paul Petronello - Online Consultant
Has been involved as project manager of Mirabella I – IV.